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This website is run by the carer of a spouse with severe Myalgic Encephamyelitis (M.E), here to provide a plethora of practical tips, resources, tools, insights and opinions to help you navigate the ups and downs of life with chronic illness. Basically, this website is what we wish we’d had at the start of our own journey.

Here, we embrace finding strength, support, and a sprinkle of humor amidst the challenges of living with these conditions, or supporting someone who does.

1. Tools & Resources

Wheelchair ramp length requirements or deciding what to keep in your medical file to show your Doctor without them getting defensive – we’ve got you.

Because cognitive fuzzyness is heckin’ frustrating.

2. Tips & Insights

You don’t know what you don’t know. We’re always learning about new accessibility tools, communication methods and daily living hacks.

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2. Trustworthy Links

There are dozens of truly fantastic website and associations across the globe, all working hard to improve the quality of life of folks with chronic illness.

We’re in this together.

Latest Blogs on Living With Chronic Illness

We post new content whenever we can, but not on a consistent schedule due to ‘life stuff’.

Staying In Our Lane…

What We Stand For

The website is still a work in progress, but that doesn’t affect our core values as we continue to build.

March for ME and Long Covid recognition in Madrid, October 2022. Empty medicine boxes scattered on the floor near a sign that says 'For All Of Those That Are At Home."
AsociaciĆ³n Covid Persistente” March, Madrid October 2022

Living with a chronic illness can often feel like no-one understands or is in your corner. Our aim is to help – even a little.

Chronic Perspectives isn’t here to present a cure or single-handedly fund research into biomarkers for chronic illnesses, but we do value:

Transparency & Honesty
Active Advocacy
Prioritising Lived Experience
Amplifying OwnVoices
Adding Value
Quality Research

Can’t Find A Resource or Tool You Need?

We do our best to make this website as useful as possible, so feel free to get in touch and suggest a new resource, tool, downloadable or article you’d like us to prioritise!

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